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Vapor degreaser Cleanouts & Maintenance

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On-site cleanouts
Our trained service staff with permits required will come to your facility and Clean and neutralize your vapor degreaser and will remove any acid formations that have built up over time.  A regularly scheduled cleanout decreases solvent consumption and keeps your equipment running more efficiently.  Tech Chem has much knowledge and expertise in this area.

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PM (preventive maintenance) for your vapor degreaser
Annual preventive maintenance agreements are available.

  • Perform a general inspection of your degreasing unit
  • Check operating temperatures and pressures to determine if unit is operating within prescribed limits
  • Check the function of all indicator lights, gauges and controls
  • Perform an acid acceptance test
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Plus more

On-site field service/repair and return to factory service/repair are available.  Nearly all types and brands of vapor degreasers can be serviced.  Contact us for a proposal.

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Stabilizer Booster for TCE
Maintains your current TCE in your vapor degreaser.  It is a higher concentration of stabilizer which will bring up your acid acceptance levels and keep the TCE solvent in your vapor degreaser in top operating condition.
Click here for more information on trichloroethylene booster

Acid Acceptance Kits
For n Propyl Bromide)
Knowing exactly the acid acceptance level of your solvent will not only keep your parts cleaning in the correct manner, but will prevent your degreaser from going acidic which can cause corrosion on your parts and equipment. Tech Chem offers acid acceptance kits for chlorinated solvents and n Propyl Bromide.
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Moisture Kits for Vapor Degreaser
Moisture in any solvent will start to attack the stabilizers, causing a low acid acceptance condition. If moisture is detected in the solvent, perform an acid acceptance test to determine if stabilizer booster is required. 
Click here for more info for a moisture test kit for your vapor degreaser

Desiccant Filters for  Vapor Degreaser
In the process of vapor degreasing, water will collect in the sump and slowly break down the stabilizers in the solvent, which will increase solvent usage. Tech Chem offers desiccant filters which can be fitted to any water separator and will attract any excess water and prolong the life of the solvent.
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